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16th Jan 2015 7th Internationl Master Class with Master Trevor Nicholls in Czech Republic
On 10th and 11th January, Czech Taekwon-Do Association hold already the 7th Master class and meeting event. Conducted by ITF Secretary General, Grand Master Trevor Nicholls IX.DAN. In this important meeting took part except Czech republic countries like England, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland and Wales.
[Written By:  Czech Taekwon-Do Association INO348 ]
5th Jan 2015 Grand Master Class and the 5th Inter-School ITF Taekwon-Do Invitation Tournament, Hong Kong
The Hong Kong Original Taekwon-Do Council successfully held the Grand Master Class and the 5th Inter-School ITF Taekwon-Do Invitation Tournament on 27 and 28 December 2014 respectively. We would like to thank you Grand Master Nicholls and Master Sng from Singapore for conducting the seminar, as well as members from Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and China for their great support to the events.
[Written By:  Hong Kong Original Taekwon-Do Council]
10th Dec 2014 22 Medals & 3rd Place Overall for Gassorís Tournament Team at the Barcelona Challenger Cup 2014!!!
After months of planning and excitement, 50 students and family members, including Gassorís Taekwon-Do Wales Senior Instructor/Coach Mrs Leanne Gassor-Jones, were eager and ready to attend the Barcelona Challenger Cup in Sitges, Barcelona, Spain
[Written By:  Miss Emma Gassor]
27th Nov 2014 Bristol Post Sports Awards
Congratulations Stoke Gifford Instructor & student Miss Burridge & Phoebe Grandfield who were selected as finalists for the Bristol Post Sports Awards.
[Written By:  Stoke Gifford TKD] Comments: 1
26th Nov 2014 Trenic Cadets land down in Sitges
On November 14th Students from Trenic-TKD under the UKITF banner made the journey out to Barcelona to compete in this yearís Challenger Cup
[Written By:  Trenic TKD ]
26th Nov 2014 Trenic-TKD attend the British Championships 2014
On the 25th of October 30 of Trenicís best set of to compete in the ever popular 2014 British Championships
[Written By:  Trenic TKD]
26th Nov 2014 Poole TKD - Generation X Grading
Poole Taekwon-Do Academy, the newest addition to Trenic Taekwon-Do Academies
[Written By:  Trenic TKD ]
21st Nov 2014 Region 1 STOMP
[Written By:  UK ITF Region 1, England ] Comments: 1
21st Nov 2014 UK ITF participate in sportsscotland and the Active Schools programme.
UK ITF Scotland, region 1 Instructor Brad Robertson recently performed ITF Taekwon-Do taster sessions to Primary School children in his local area as part of the Active Schools programme.
[Written By:  UK ITF Scotland, Region 1]
13th Nov 2014 UK ITF British Championships
Full Results
[Written By:  UK ITF Admin]
12th Nov 2014 Master Nicholls Seminar in Ireland
On Sunday 2nd of November Grand Master Trevor Nicholls IX Degree conducted two seminars in Cork, Ireland for the various organisations under the ITF banner. He was assisted by Master Norman Creedon VIII Degree who is based in Ireland. The seminars were held in the University College Cork indoor sports arena, which regularly hosts many international sporting events.
[Written By:  Taekwon-Do Federation of Ireland]
10th Nov 2014 Sportivate Taekwon-Do: Touch Gloves
With the support of Sportivate funding from Active Dorset, Poole Taekwon-Do Academy are offering a 6 week Touch Gloves course to ladies aged 19-25 years.
[Written By:  UK ITF Admin]
31st Oct 2014 14 British Champions and 32 medals for Gassorís Tournament Team at the British Championships!!!
34 students represented Gassorís Tournament Team at the UK ITF British Championships in Crawley, West Sussex on Saturday 25th October and they came away with an amazing 14 British Champions! The team won a brilliant 32 medals in total, which were 14 Gold medals, 10 Silver medals and 8 Bronze medals!
[Written By:  Gary Gassor]
29th Oct 2014 Pro-Taekwon Workshop led by Region 1 Coach Jamie McAvoy
With members from Region 1, Region 4 and Scotland Region 1 in attendance ................
[Written By:  PTK Region 1 ] Comments: 1
29th Oct 2014 Region 1 Black Belt Testing
On behalf of the UKITF we like to send our congratulations to the students that attended the Region 1 Degree grading.
[Written By:  Trenic TKD]
29th Oct 2014 Master Nicholls Delivers Seminar in Cornwall
On Sunday 5th October ...............
[Written By:  Stacey Barnes ]
8th Oct 2014 FINALISTS Bristol Post Sports Awards
Congratulations Stoke Gifford students Kieran McDermott & Phoebe Grandfield who have been selected as finalists for the Bristol Post Sports Awards.
[Written By:  Stoke Gifford TKD] Comments: 1
2nd Oct 2014 Region 1 attend IITF Kup Cup
On the 19th September students representing Region 1 embarked on their journey to compete in the IITF Kup Cup.
[Written By:  Trenic TKD ]
2nd Oct 2014 4th Degree and Above Training Day and IIC
After such an overwhelming positive response from the previous training day we were all eager to see what Grand Master Nicholls had in store for us.
[Written By:  Trenic TKD]
5th Sep 2014 Poole Taekwon-Do - "Join In Sport"
Poole Taekwon-Do Academy, supported by members of Stoke Gifford School of Taekwon-Do ......
[Written By:  Trenic TKD]
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