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19th Dec 2011 Gassor's Taekwon-do
Once again, Christmas and New Year is fast approaching after we come to another successful end of year for Gassorís Taekwon-do and The Martial Arts and Fitness Centre.
[Written By:  Miss Emma Gassor] Comments: 1
[Written By:  ] Comments: 1
12th Dec 2011 Yiewsley Christmas Party 2012
Children from local clubs join together to celebrate the festive season with a series of games and activities.
[Written By:  Matthew Brunger] Comments: 1
On Sunday the 27th November the UTA region held its first Stomp under 13yrs competition with 80 competitors spread over three categories, Generation X, Kids kickers, and Cadets.
[Written By:  Glenn Horan] Comments: 2
It was great to see Instructors from different UKITF regions coming together to gain some knowledge and understanding of the UKITF Pro-Taekwon system and syllabus.
[Written By:  Glenn Horan] Comments: 2
28th Nov 2011 TKD Taster sessions continue for Region 1
Region 1 conduct second week of taster sessions within local schools
[Written By:  Matthew Brunger] Comments: 1
22nd Nov 2011 Region 1 STOMP Competition
Region 1 showcases its young talent at STOMP Competition
[Written By:  Matthew Brunger] Comments: 1
7th Nov 2011 England Region 1 attend European Championships
Following months of hard preparation, members of UKITF region 1 were confident and excited to await the opportunity to compete in the 2011 European championships held in Naples.
[Written By:  Matthew Brunger] Comments: 2
2nd Nov 2011 Taekwon-Do Taster Sessions
Region 1 set out to deliver Taekwon-Do to local schools
[Written By:  Matthew Brunger] Comments: 4
1st Nov 2011 Malaysia Master Class 2011 by Master Trevor Nicholls VIII Dan
On 14th Oct 2011, The ITF-Secretary General Master Trevor Nicholls arrived at KLIA, accompanied by Master David Lau from Hong Kong and Hong Kong TKD Team. They were greeted by event host MO #427 Zest Mr.Andy Low, Mr.Ivan Liew and Ms.Angel Low included Master Bathi (INO #359), Mr.Chin from JB (MO #349) and Ms.Sharon from Penang (MO #442) as well as other members of ITF-Malaysia.
[Written By:  Andy low from MO#427] Comments: 2
28th Oct 2011 Region 7 at the European Championships
26 medals for UK ITF Region 7
[Written By:  Kerry Burridge] Comments: 3
28th Oct 2011 UTA Region at the European Championships Italy
Finally after more than four months of intense preparations not only at national squad training but also regional squad training every week we arrived in Naples Italy Wednesday 19th
[Written By:  Glenn Horan] Comments: 5
28th Oct 2011 Irish ITF at the European Championships in Naples
Three members of Irish I.T.F. travelled to the recent European Championships which were hosted by Master Troiana in Naples. Ireland had one of the smallest teams in attendance, however, small in numbers does not mean small in stature, as it would turn out.
[Written By:  Michael Flaherty] Comments: 3
27th Oct 2011 Region 4 at the European Championships, Naples 2011
21/ 22/ 23 October 2011
[Written By:  Wendy Ann Richards] Comments: 4
16th Oct 2011 Gassor's Tournament Team - 2011 UK-ITF British Championships in Reading
In the early hours of Saturday 8th October, 53 members of Gassorís Taekwon-do Team set off for the two day event of the UK-ITF 2011 British Championships in Reading.Gassorís Taekwon-do departed from the MAFC in Newport, South Wales with a large coach and convoy of cars as they were hugely supported by family and friends who travelled up to Reading.
[Written By:  Miss Emma Gassor] Comments: 3
[Written By:  ] Comments: 1
10th Oct 2011 2011 British Championship Report
A personal recollection from the recent UK ITF British Championship.What a privilege to work with such talented Instructors and students, Great Weekend!
[Written By:  Mark Skyrme] Comments: 6
10th Oct 2011 2011 British Championships Results
Results from this weekend Championships.
[Written By:  UK ITF Admin] Comments: 8
28th Sep 2011 Gassor's Taekwon-do attend the Irish ITF Kup Cup, Wexfrod Ireland
On Saturday 17th September several members of the Gassorís Tournament Team along with assistant team coach Mr Chris Thomas travelled to Wexford, Ireland to compete in the Irish Kup Cup.
[Written By:  Miss Emma Gassor ] Comments: 3
26th Sep 2011 Seminar with Master Wood
Seminar with Master Wood
[Written By:  Michael Carr] Comments: 3
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