UK ITF Champions

UK ITF athletes are some of the most respected elite performers around the world. We have developed this page to display some of their finest achievements and inspire our new up and coming champions. Dedicated to our members, our mission is to sponsor our international squad 100% enabling access to all.

Members please update your profile achievements to be shown here. Once logged in you are able to view our champions in more detail, or even chat to them on our forum.

Current Champions
A list of UK ITF champions and their points acquired
from 2015 onwards
Leah Powell
3rd Dan
Tate Budge
3rd Dan
Ryan Meredith
2nd Dan
Adam Everett
4th Dan
Lucie Robertshaw
2nd Dan
Chloe Pickworth, 4th Kup, Points: 63 - view
John Short, 2nd Dan, Points: 57 - view
Sanjay Sharma, 1st Kup, Points: 49 - view
Ollie Robertshaw, 3rd Dan, Points: 29 - view
Reece Nicholls, 5th Dan, Points: 27 - view
Lindsey Hart, 1st Kup, Points: 23 - view
Inta Sadika, 2nd Kup, Points: 21 - view
Krists Victor, 1st Dan, Points: 20 - view
Carl Finlay, 2nd Kup, Points: 14 - view
Gareth Kay, 1st Dan, Points: 13 - view
Lindsay Broughton, 2nd Dan, Points: 12 - view
Sarah Twigger, 7th Kup, Points: 12 - view
Lewis George William Brown, 4th Kup, Points: 10 - view
Claire Short, 1st Kup, Points: 8 - view
Clare Cocks, 8th Kup, Points: 7 - view
Charlie Cocks, 2nd Dan, Points: 6 - view
Lauren Knight, 1st Kup, Points: 4 - view
Abby Stebbing, 4th Kup, Points: 2 - view
Lachlan Derek Jeffrey Stebbing, 4th Kup, Points: 1 - view
Chloe Alicia Smith, 4th Kup, Points: 0 - view

The following people would be listed if their membership was current:

  • Emily Oakes, 3rd Dan, points: 211, position: 1
  • Frances Almeida-Davis, 3rd Dan, points: 73, position: 9
  • Phoebe Grandfield, 3rd Dan, points: 59, position: 11
  • Cameron Bisset, 1st Dan, points: 50, position: 13
  • Ryan Hamdy, 2nd Dan, points: 50, position: 14
  • Gemma O'Connor, 4th Dan, points: 48, position: 17
  • Aaron Mather, 3rd Dan, points: 34, position: 18
  • Bethany Martin, 3rd Dan, points: 14, position: 26
  • Ryan Byrne, 1st Kup, points: 11, position: 32
  • Luke Byrne, 1st Kup, points: 10, position: 33
  • Cristian Raducioiu, 10th Kup, points: 10, position: 34
  • Sean McAulay, 2nd Kup, points: 3, position: 41
  • Ben Chapman, 1st Dan, points: 2, position: 43
  • Michael McAulay, 2nd Kup, points: 1, position: 46
Hall of Fame
A list of UK ITF World and European champions
past and present
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