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28th Feb 2011 Stoke Gifford TKD at the UKITF Welsh Championships
Another large medal haul for Stoke Gifford!
[Written By:  Kerry Burridge] Comments: 1
28th Feb 2011 South East Region at the Welsh Championships
South East Region at the Welsh Championships on 26th February 2011
[Written By:  Laurie Cornwell] Comments: 2
23rd Feb 2011 Gassor's I.M.A.A Interclub Tournament (Newport, S.Wales) - Sunday 13th February, 2011
On Sunday 13th February, Mrs. Gassor-Jones, 4th Degree Black Belt held the first International Martial Arts Association (I.M.A.A) Interclub Tournament of the year at Duffryn Sports Centre, Newport.
[Written By:  Miss. Emma Gassor] Comments: 1
7th Feb 2011 Region 4 At The Mediterranan Open
January 2011
[Written By:  Wendy Ann Richards] Comments: 3
4th Feb 2011 Mediterranean Open Championships 2011
On the 30th January UK ITF South East travelled to Sardinia for the Mediterranean Open. Hopes were high as this was the first time that the Cadet Squad has travelled with the region. The team settled into the hotel and it was early to bed for an early start on Sunday morning.
[Written By:  Jamie McAvoy] Comments: 3
3rd Feb 2011 Region 7 In Sardinia
Region 7 results from the Mediterranean Open
[Written By:  Kerry Burridge] Comments: 2
On 15.-16.January 2011, Master Class Taekwon-Do I.T.F. conducted by Master Trevor Nicholls VIII.Dan, Secretary General from London, U.K. was held in Znojmo, Czech Republic. More than 70 participants arrived from Australia, England, Czech Republic, Croatia, Italy, Germany, Slovakia and Austria.
[Written By:  Frantiek Macek] Comments: 1
10th Jan 2011 Master Nicholls Seminar in Cornwall
[Written By:  Wendy Ann Richards] Comments: 2
4th Jan 2011 Master Nicholls Christmas Seminar, Grading & Banquet
Saturday 4th December saw the much anticipated return of Master Nicholls to the Blue Dragon TKD School at Woodford Lodge Sports Centre, in Winsford, Cheshire.
[Written By:  Al Walkinshaw] Comments: 9
16th Dec 2010 Last lesson of the year
Last lesson of the year
[Written By:  Michael Carr] Comments: 1
15th Dec 2010 U.T.A. Seminar with Master Nicholls, 27st November 2010, Stevenage
The UTA hosted a seminar and celebratory banquet in the evening, with Master Nicholls VIII
[Written By:  Mr Steve Fletcher III - UTA PR Officer] Comments: 1
14th Dec 2010 November 28th Imperial Ireland hosted its first competition
The main aim of this event is to encourage coloured belt students both young and old to venture into competition. It is a perpetual cup event and based on a points system where a Gold medal is worth six points, four for a Silver and two for Bronze
[Written By:  Mr Flaherty] Comments: 2
29th Nov 2010 ITA Scotland Master Nicholls seminar
28th November 2010
[Written By:  Sean Mullin] Comments: 4
27th Nov 2010 Master Wood's Seminar
On 21 November 2010, Master Wood and his senior black belt students were invited to Lincolnshire to give a Seminar for Lisas coloured belt students at Reepham Tae Kwon Do School.
[Written By:  Christopher Hurt] Comments: 3
17th Nov 2010 UKITF in Ireland
England & Wales students bring back medal haul from Cork
[Written By:  Kevin McCabe] Comments: 1
14th Nov 2010 Master Ian Lawes seminar
Master Ian lawes seminar
[Written By:  Michael Carr] Comments: 2
9th Nov 2010 Cornwall Black Belt Grading
6th November 2010
[Written By:  Mark Richards] Comments: 2
3rd Nov 2010 Master Class
We had the pleasure of inviting Master Nicholls to Venezuela, and i would highly recommend a Master Class.
[Written By:  Engelbert Benitez] Comments: 2
26th Oct 2010 Imperial Scotland Survive!
Imperial Scotland's QMU Taekwon-Do club take on the Men's Health Survival of the Fittest!
[Written By:  Christopher Devine] Comments: 2
24th Oct 2010 Master Woods Black Belt Grading.
Myself, Chris Hurt, and my training partner Lisa Blewitt, were both invited to Master Woods Black Belt Grading at The Plum Tree Hall in Eastwood on the 23rd October 2010.
[Written By:  Christopher Hurt] Comments: 3
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