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17th Feb 2012 30 medals in Sardinia for Gassors Taekwon-do Wales!
After months of planning and excitement, 54 students and family members including Gassors Taekwon-do Wales Instructor Mrs Gassor-Jones were eager and ready to attend their first International tournament as a team, the Mediterranean Open Championships in Sardinia, Italy.
[Written By:  Mrs. Leanne Gassor-Jones]
12th Feb 2012 REGION 4 SUCCESS
Huge success at the Meditteranean Open Championship, Cagliari Sardinia
[Written By:  Wendy Ann Richards] Comments: 1
10th Feb 2012 Region 7 Sardinia Success!
Competitors from Stoke Gifford TKD get great results at the Mediterranean Open.
[Written By:  Kerry Burridge] Comments: 1
On Saturday 4th February twenty or so lucky participants attended a fun, energetic and inspiring HSTS All Day training on Self Defence under the expert guidance of Mr Horan VI.
[Written By:  Andrew Botwright IV]
1st Feb 2012 Training Expedition to UK-ITF Headquarters, London
January presented an opportunity to travel from Edinburgh, Scotland to the recently renovated UK-ITF Headquarters in London for a three day training experience with Master Nicholls and his students.
[Written By:  Peter Scott ] Comments: 1
1st Feb 2012 Master Deedigan Self Defence Seminar at SGTKD
Stoke Gifford TKD students brought to their knees by Master Deedigans self defence knowledge.
[Written By:  Laura Robertshaw]
24th Jan 2012 4-th. Master Class Taekwon-Do I.T.F. in Czech Republic 2012
Already for fourth time, in Znojmo on the 14-th and 15-th of January 2012, there was held international ITF Seminar lead by Secretary General SAULABI Master Trevor Nicholls VIII. Dan.
[Written By:  UK ITF Admin]
18th Jan 2012 An icy start to the New Year for SGTKD
Stoke Gifford TKD welcomes the New Year with its first social event
[Written By:  Laura Robertshaw] Comments: 2
31st Dec 2011 Region 14 Master Class Seminar
UKITF President, Master Trevor Nicholls, shares his knowledge and skills with the UKITF's North Western outpost.
[Written By:  Al Walkinshaw] Comments: 2
23rd Dec 2011 UK-ITF Scotland - Master Nicholls Seminar
Master Choi Nicholls delivers another fun but exhausting seminar in Scotland
[Written By:  Peter R Scott] Comments: 1
19th Dec 2011 Shaftesbury TKD - Last lesson of 2011!
Shaftesbury TKD - Last lesson of 2011!
[Written By:  Michael Carr] Comments: 2
19th Dec 2011 Gassor's Taekwon-do
Once again, Christmas and New Year is fast approaching after we come to another successful end of year for Gassors Taekwon-do and The Martial Arts and Fitness Centre.
[Written By:  Miss Emma Gassor] Comments: 1
[Written By:  ] Comments: 1
12th Dec 2011 Yiewsley Christmas Party 2012
Children from local clubs join together to celebrate the festive season with a series of games and activities.
[Written By:  Matthew Brunger] Comments: 1
On Sunday the 27th November the UTA region held its first Stomp under 13yrs competition with 80 competitors spread over three categories, Generation X, Kids kickers, and Cadets.
[Written By:  Glenn Horan] Comments: 2
It was great to see Instructors from different UKITF regions coming together to gain some knowledge and understanding of the UKITF Pro-Taekwon system and syllabus.
[Written By:  Glenn Horan] Comments: 2
28th Nov 2011 TKD Taster sessions continue for Region 1
Region 1 conduct second week of taster sessions within local schools
[Written By:  Matthew Brunger] Comments: 1
22nd Nov 2011 Region 1 STOMP Competition
Region 1 showcases its young talent at STOMP Competition
[Written By:  Matthew Brunger] Comments: 1
7th Nov 2011 England Region 1 attend European Championships
Following months of hard preparation, members of UKITF region 1 were confident and excited to await the opportunity to compete in the 2011 European championships held in Naples.
[Written By:  Matthew Brunger] Comments: 2
2nd Nov 2011 Taekwon-Do Taster Sessions
Region 1 set out to deliver Taekwon-Do to local schools
[Written By:  Matthew Brunger] Comments: 4
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