Sponsorship for Sardinia
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Thank you all !

Sponsorship Funds Collected, All participants will be receiving an award certificate shortly.

Name Club Amount
Joel Wilson Yiewsley 25.00
Jay Gilbert Yiewsley 20.00
Harry Evans Yiewsley 39.00
Jordan McDonagh Yiewsley 15.00
Dylan Sidhu Yiewsley 16.00
Molly Richardson Yiewsley 63.00
Joshua Wakefield Yiewsley 37.00
Ollie Webb Hayes 12.00
Elisha Hira Heston 8.00
Liam McGee Yiewsley 81.00
Tyanna Attram Yeading 65.00
Callum Heraghty Yeading 10.00
Michael Heraghty Yeading 10.00
Corthney Ramat Yeading 18.70
Vasili Kyriacou Yeading 3.00
Anastasia Kyriacou Yeading 3.00
Nedine Luke Yeading 4.00
Hayley Hemingway Yeading 61.70
Luke Dempsey Hayes 25.00
Liam Burgess Yiewsley 50.00
Taylor Casey Harefield 25.00
Alex Deas Harefield 43.00
Josh Goodliffe Harefield 11.00
Reece Gazzard Harefield 53.00
Chat Cha Hengprasit Harefield 12.00
Emma Nolan Harefield 26.00
Stuart Tuckwell Harefield 22.00
Danielle Monks Harefield 16.00
Jamie Adams Harefield 31.00
Steve Maegnt Harefield 26.00
Chloe Dinsey Harefield 21.00
Aaron Mather Harefield 33.00
Sidney Bright Harefield 26.00
Ella Deveraux Harefield 26.00
Shay McDonagh Yiewsley 100.00
Bailey Lyons Hayes 100.00
Oliver Rolls Yiewsley 25.00
Laurie Cornwell Nicholls 300.00
Stevenage 371.10
Jamie Morrison Harefield 21.00
Rechae OConnor-Mitchell Yeading 25.00
Ethan George Yeading 15.00
Gurlaine Sidhu Yiewsley 555.00
Dion Luke Yeading 18.00
Reuben Luke Yeading 18.00


Written by: Imperial TKD Admin - 17th November 2008

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