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28th November 2011

It was great to see Instructors from different UKITF regions coming together to gain some knowledge and understanding of the UKITF Pro-Taekwon system and syllabus.



26th NOVEMBER 2011


It was great to see Instructors from different UKITF regions coming together to gain some knowledge and understanding of the UKITF Pro-Taekwon system and syllabus.

After not only catching up with old colleagues but meeting new ones all Instructors were introduced to Mr Lee Hollingsworth who conducted the workshop.

Mr Hollingsworth handed out the packs which contained the required information including the syllabus to run the Pro-Taekwon classes. We systematically went through the syllabus as Mr Hollingsworth answered questions and any concerns raised. 

It was then time to physically work our way through the syllabus, starting with a good and thorough warm up. Many of the Instructors in attendance having years of experience teaching Taekwon-Do found themselves still gaining and learning new warm up routines and strengthening exercises.


After a great warm up now ready to work our way through the syllabus we moved onto the first requirements which took us from White-Yellow. Working on fighting stance/footwork, punching techniques, kicking techniques, blocking & evasion, counter techniques, and finally the required combinations.

As we moved onto the Yellow-Green syllabus it was clear that the steady progression of the movements and techniques closely followed the systematic idea of our Taekwon-Do training, with a method and a clear explanation of development.

Having done the various footwork routines we then had some “fun” working on some plyometric exercises, it was interesting to see the coordination required to achieve these exercises and how they would lead onto improving your footwork and the ability to move around the fighting area. Very logical and also not just vital for Pro-Taekwon but great to incorporate into our Taekwon-Do classes as well.

The Green-Blue syllabus as well as all the other requirements moved onto a greater understanding of moving around the ring, more kicking and hand/leg combinations. A greater understanding of blocking and evasion with more conditioning required as the students progress. Following from the previous syllabus you could see how the Green-Blue required more strength training as we were taken through some various strengthening but explosive exercises using a medicine ball. It was clear to see the development of technique, coordination and strength as we moved through and up to the Blue-Red syllabus.


Mr Hollingsworth decided that for a one day workshop the White to Blue syllabus was enough to start running a Pro-Taekwon class, enabling Instructors to introduce existing and new students to the syllabus. Another workshop next year will then move from Blue-Red and Red-Black.


At every step of the workshop Mr Hollingsworth demonstrated with such precision and experience gaining the utmost respect from all in attendance. It was a great opportunity not only to gain the knowledge of the Pro-Taekwon syllabus but to spend some time being taught by such an enthusiastic and talented fighter/coach/Instructor.

I would personally like to thank and I can honestly say I speak for all the Instructors present at the workshop Mr Hollingsworth for his time and effort in conducting the first UKITF Pro-Taekwon workshop.

I recommend this workshop to all Instructors as it doesn’t just give you the ability to teach the Pro-Taekwon syllabus, but will give you some great ideas to incorporate into your Taekwon-Do squad training and weekly training.   

Look out for the next workshop coming next year.


Glenn Horan.

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