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10th May 2022

The UK-ITF promotions committee is pleased announce the following promotions

The UK-ITF promotions committee is pleased announce the following promotions from the degree gradings on the 5th,  & 26th of March and 10th April 2022;


5th Degree


Steve Hallam – Eastwood TKD

Sally Henley – Teignbridge TKD

Samuel Richards – Richards TKD


4th Degree


Harry Evans – Trenic TKD

Ryan Hamdy – Trenic TKD

John Short – Hart TKD

Aaron Gassor – Gassor’s TKD

Christopher Thomas – Gassor’s TKD

Tamsin Davis – Leicester TKD


3rd Degree


Toby Broom – Teignbridge TKD


2nd Degree


Lindsay Hart – Hart TKD

Zuzanna Sczcutkowska  – Richards TKD

Diana O’Malley – Trenic TKD

Arthur Kepke-Wysocki – Trenic TKD


1st  Degree


Edward Buczkiewicz – Short Strike TKD

Ravinder Sethi – Trenic TKD

Tanishka Sethi – Trenic TKD

Ayshmit Sethi – Trenic TKD

Armandas Petruskevicius – Trenic TKD

Matthew Warner – Trenic TKD

Gabriele Alleva Centellas – Trenic TKD

Alexander Dumbrava – Trenic TKD

Mikolaj Hutny-Wojcicki – Trenic TKD

Jalal Ud-din Farooq – Trenic TKD


Congratulations to everyone on your achievements. 

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