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Seasonal Message
22nd December 2021

From GM Nicholls to every member of UK ITF

I am really proud of what UK ITF has achieved in this challenging year, much of which was lauded at the National Awards Night at the end of November, as can be seen from the front page of the website.

I am aware, however, that perhaps not every member in every club in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales may feel that I have shaken your hand, in person or virtually, to acknowledge your contribution to the continued existence, let alone success, of UK ITF in these difficult times.  Please be assured that I thank you sincerely.  Clubs are formed by instructors, driven by a passion to deliver ITF Taekwon-Do, but no club or instructor can function without members.  I and all UK ITF club instructors value you, your diligence in attending training regularly, working hard to learn new techniques and persevering to improve them, developing your technique to the best of your ability – not only succeeding but often exceeding your own expectations.  Members are often supported by parents and carers, enabling access to the activity; you are also recognised and appreciated.

It is the responsibility and privilege of UK ITF instructors to teach well and lead by example.  This requires us to maintain our own training and development, a determination and commitment to continuing to improve our knowledge, understanding and practice, seek promotion when due, support you by proudly encouraging you to attend and representing you at UK ITF events.

Families, communities, education, careers, Taekwon-Do, pandemic, climate change – we are in this together.  We are here for each other; we make each other stronger.

You are recognised and appreciated.

I wish you a safe, healthy and peaceful festive period.

Best Regards
Trevor Nicholls


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