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Nicholas Overton
InstructorNicholas Overton
Grade6th Dan
Email[email protected]

II start Taekwon-Do in 1998 under the guidance of Mr Les Baker (Then a III Dan, Now a VI Dan ITF black belt with the UKITF). I gained my black belt in August 2003 under First Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha IX Dan OCM.

I went on the gain my II Dan in 2005 and III Dan in 2007, again under First Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha IX Dan OCM.

In September 2009 I promoted to IV Dan in and the same mouth gain my international instructors certificate (both were with First Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha IX Dan OCM.

I was promoted to V Dan in April 2013 by Grandmaster Nicholls IX Dan.

I was promoted to VI Dan in April 2018 by Grandmaster Nicholls IX Dan. 

I am now Run the Leicester Taekwon-do Academy. My instructor is now Master M Wood VIII Dan. I was a member of the UKTA until 2009 and now I am a member of Imperial Taekwondo (UKITF) under the guidance and instruction of Grandmaster Trevor Nicholls IX Dan.  

I have trained with the following masters and Grandmasters

IX Dan

First Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha IX Dan OCM

Grandmaster Trevor Nicholls IX Dan

Grandmaster Robert Howard IX Dan

Grandmaster Hwang Ho Yo IX Dan

Grandmaster Paul Cutler IX Dan

Grandmaster Orello Ellis IX Dan

Grandmaster Anthony Phelan IX Dan 

Grandmaster Francis Barrett IX Dan 

Grandmaster Michael Prewett IX Dan  

Grandmaster John Williamson IX Dan  

Grandmaster John Taylor IX Dan  

Grandmaster Wayne Brown IX Dan  

Grandmaster Raymond O’Neill IX Dan  


Master Michael Wood VIII Dan

Master Gary Gassor VIII Dan

Master Gary Miller VIII Dan

Master William Dandy VIII Dan

Master Paul Kavanagh VIII Dan 

Master Derek Campbell VIII Dan

Master Timothy Helstrip VIII Dan

Master Derek Blackburn VIII Dan

Master Andrew Kang Hae Rhee VIII Dan

Master Robert G. Howard VIII Dan

Master John Jacob VIII Dan

Master Augustus Mitchell VIII Dan

Master Don Deedigan VIII Dan


Master Everton Small VII Dan

Master Sean Cattanach VII Dan

Master Mark O'Donnell VII Dan

Master Andrew Whiteley VII Dan

Master Paul Knighton VII Dan

Master Paul Harris VII Dan

Master Yogi Chand VII Dan

Master Glen Horan VII Dan

Master Mandeep Rauli VII Dan

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