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Nicholas Sheehan
InstructorNicholas Sheehan
AreaEngland Region 02
Email[email protected]

Mr. Sheehan started Taekwon-Do in 1983 under Mr Alan Ross, a 2nd Dan in the UKTA days at the Watford YMCA.  There were numerous Martial Arts being taught there at the time but after observing them closely, he decided that Taekwon-Do would be his choice.

Taekwon-Do, with its elements of Patterns Sparring and Destruction appeared to have the dynamism he was seeking in a Martial Art whereas the others appeared to be either too flowery or too dull.

His early recollections as a coloured belt were of pitting himself against an existing Red Belt in the class who was rather good and coming off second best. This was his introduction to the person we know as Mr. Keith Whitley5th Dan Instructor of Chesham Taekwon-Do School.

Following the departure of Mr. Ross for personal reasons, a new Instructor agreed to take over the reins. Existing students were informed that the Instructor was to be a woman. There were a number of rather surprised looking faces when she came in for the first time and without warming up, demonstrated full box splits and near vertical side kicks.  Miss Au (as she was then) remained Watford School’s Instructor for many years but despite her example Mr. Sheehan is the first to admit he never did manage to get the same amount of flexibility.  Mr Whitley took over the mantle of Instructor of the Watford TKD School, and guided Mr. Sheehan to achieving the coveted Black Belt.

His portfolio of competition winnings as a colour belt was rather nondescript and often disheartening, finishing ‘just’ outside the medal tables till the latter stages prior to his transition to Black Belt status. It is fair to say that as he progressed up the ranks his performances and achievements got better.

In 1993, taking part in his last ever coloured belt event, he won three gold medals in patterns, sparring and destruction before later that year taking and passing the Black Belt exam. The 5 foot tall Overall Colour Belt Champions trophy still stands proudly in his office.  The final tally of over 32 medals for competition from both BUTF and open competitions stands as a testimony to the Tenet of ‘Perseverance.’

Following Mr. Whitley’s change of address resulting in his opening of the Chesham TKD School Mr Sheehan took up the role of Instructor at after passing the Instructors Qualifying exam in 1997.  He followed this by opening  the St Albans School of Taekwon Do in 2003, and then  opening the Hatfield School of Taekwon Do after accepting the role of resident Taekwon-Do Instructor in what is fast becoming Europe’s largest members only gym.

He subscribes to the concept that the person at the front must be able to lead from the front and that he would not ask a student to do that which he himself could not. As such he remains active and takes his training seriously. Outside of Taekwon Do he juggles with a full time profession in I.T.  He is fit and active and is an active Adventure racer and runner. 

He has also taken part in many military themed races including the Para’s 10, Chara Challenge and the ‘Fan Dance’.  All three are based on the selection courses for the Parachute Regiment, the Royal Marines and the UK Special Forces.  

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