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Classes - times and venues
19:00 - 20:00
Students: mixed grades
Held at the main club address
19:00 - 20:00
Students: mixed grades
Held at the main club address
Club Details
InstructorDaniel Welland (4th Dan) 
Main AddressBrentford Girls School
 Boston Manor Road
Town / City Brentford
PostcodeTW8 0PG   Map
RegionEngland Region 01
About Brentford TKD

Brentford Taekwon-do is the first choice you should consider if looking for a good club with a friendly atmosphere and quality students, we have existed in Brentford since February 2001. The Instructor Danny Welland 4th Degree has taught since the opening day, i still have 4 of my original white belts still training every week those names being Mr Pherrel Chang 3rd degree, Mr Paul Jackson 2nd degree, Mr Ivan Palagitskyy 3rd degree, Mrs Sophia Chang 1st degree.

Brentford Taekwon-do Club students have had many successes through the years and have always managed to grind out a few medals or trophies from all tournaments attended since 2001, with 2 former ITF world senior medalists still in training (mr Chang and mr Jackson) and these gentleman are still hungry for more glory!!! ... watch this space during world championships Italy 2014!

As for the Instructor Danny currently is European team champion 2011 (Italy Naples) for sparring,also a European silver medalist for team destruction Danny always opts for punch as his break technique! also a European team  Bronze medalist for Special technique, Danny has also had  the opportunity to compete in the mentioned countries to date many european destinations visited several times. America,Canada,Germany,Holland,Ireland,Italy,Poland,Scotland,Spain,South Korea,Wales.

Juniors we have some amazing talent training at the club and those who dont know them will soon know when they draw against them at the upcoming years events! The youth is our future and for Brentford its looking good.

Social- as for social events we see Taekwon-do as our main social gathering twice a week midweek and also the blackbelts gather and train at the main UKITF Headquarters on weekends, we also have regular club only gatherings celebrating birthdays, births, tournament successes..infact any Taekwon-do success!

Beginners..Unsure? dont be! we are a very friendly club and have a very approachable instructor, we will slowly show you the Taekwon-do way and set you up on your own realistic Journey, Taekwon-do's values are about self improvement mentally and physically. So come down for a trial class and begin this exciting adventure with us.

calling all other Martial Artists- why not trial our club as a cross training venue to enhance you own journey, or if you are in limbo looking for a new challenge or different martial art then try our club before you join that gym with expensive monthly fees!

ages 5 -65 all abilities welcome, be brave and take that step or you'll never know what your possibly missing, bring a friend to share your nerves if you wish! 

Dress Code -  beginners you need tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt, please feel free to contact the instructor if you have any questions or just turn up at 6.45.   

Youth Sponsorship - the Instructor has an in club youth program helping those that have the talent but not the funds, this is done solely at Brentford for the purpose of changing a youth/s path in life.

The club needs New Members to continue their success, we hope to see you soon at your Free Trial Classes

Every Monday and Wednesday 7pm -  8.30pm  Brentford Girls School, Boston Manor Road, TW8 0PG



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