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Taekwon-Do originated in Korea. Due to the Founder's inspiration and indomitable spirit, Taekwon-Do is now practiced in all corners of the world.  

International Taekwon-Do Federation was formed by General Choi Hong Hi in 1966.  Since the Founder's death in 2002, his son, Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa, has continued his Father's work in the role of President.

International Taekwon-Do Federation

United Kingdom ITF

UK ITF™ is a leading Taekwon-Do group within the UK. Our clubs offer classes suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness.  UK ITF students are world renowned, supported in their pursuit of excellence by club instructors, national coaches and the expert tutelage of Master Trevor Nicholls IX.  As the ITF Independent National Organisation (INO) #2, UK ITF offers members ITF Degree certification, membership, International Instructor Certificates, International Umpire Certificates, Master Classes and Seminars, as well as national, continental and international competitions and events.

UK ITF instructors are accredited by the National Governing Body for Taekwondo in the UK, the British Taekwondo Council (BTC).  This accreditation is renewed every three years and includes updates on BTC policies and procedures - Code of Conduct and Ethics, Safeguarding - Protecting Children and Adults at Risk, DBS/PVG Scheme Disclosures, Insurance, Health and Safety, Social Media and Inclusion.  The BTC Safeguarding training includes the NSPCC 'Time To Listen' course.

UK ITF Administration provides a professional service to the UK ITF President, the UK ITF Development Committee, club instructors and members.  These services include membership services, communications, hosting area seminars, instructor workshops, administration for ITF Black Belt promotions and delivering competitions of the highest standard of safety, supported by an electronic scoring system.

In January 1983, Master Trevor Nicholls, Fourth Degree ITF Black Belt, an Instructor of high repute within the UKTA, took the decision to become independent and founded Imperial Taekwon-Do Association to promote the advancement of orthodox Taekwon-Do as developed by General Choi Hong Hi IXth Dan (Founder).  At that time, Master Nicholls' school, Nicholls Taekwon-Do Institute, was in Rayners Lane and comprised some 50 students.  Imperial Taekwon-Do Association quickly grew, attracting Black Belts and groups who were attracted by the ethos and training standards.

As the organisation grew, and to be more inclusive of new joiners, Imperial became UK ITF™, incorporated in October 2010.  UK ITF continues to maintain an enviable national and international reputation for Masters, instructors and students of exceptional technical ability, knowledge and understanding. Teams have successfully represented UK ITF in Spain 2001, Italy 2002, Argentina 2002, South Korea 2004, Germany 2006, Australia 2006, UK 2007, Croatia 2009, Italy 2012, Canada 2012, Spain 2013, Italy 2014, Moldova 2015 and UK 2016.

We are constantly working to ensure our members receive the best possible tuition from our Instructors, and remain dedicated to continual growth and support through learning and training together in the art of Taekwon-Do.

We welcome membership applications from individuals and groups wishing to follow  the path of Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa IX Degree, son of the Founder.  ITF operates a certificate exchange programme, with each case considered on its own merit. For more information or confidential chat, please Contact Us

We proud to be affiliated with the ITF under the Presidency

Grand Master
Choi Jung Hwa

Master Nicholls Promoted
IXth Degree July 2014




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BTC + UK Sport Recognised
UK ITF Instructors are accredited by the British Taekwondo Council, national governing body for Taekwondo in the UK, which includes DBS/PVG Scheme Enhanced certification, insurance and continued professional development


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