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The 6th Ethiopian Taekwon-do Association Master Class Report
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On Friday July 11 20014 early in the morning at 7 AM that Master Trevor Nicholls arrived at Bole International Airport in order to render the master class.  Senior instructors of ETA  have made warm and special welcome to master Nicholls after the warm welcome master Nicholls went directly to the hotel where he stay. And right after 30 minutes he headed up the international indoor Games GYM found in the beautiful metropolis Addis, the capital of African union,   there a waited him warm and charming welcome by 540 participantís of the 6th master class course. Meanwhile, the federal sport commission official Mr kiros Nega welcomed master Nicholls at the GYM and inaugurated the seminar with official speech Mr kiros Nega also gives special present to master Nicholls on his speech made on the opening ceremony of the 6th master class Master Nicholls expressed his appreciation to the federal  sport government for its special support and attention being given to ETA in order to expand the art and practice of ITF Tkd through out the nation. Master Nicholls has also expressed his deep Appreciation to Master Kiros G/meskel for his invaluable and incessant effort for the development of ITF Tkd across the country.

Then master Nicholls directly start the seminar in the mooring program master Nicholls rendered profound explanation on the basic techniques and basic kicks as well as on five various pattern motions. The explanations were fully supported by practical actions. The seminar has also continued in the afternoon program, and it was focused on patterns from chon-ji To Ge-baek master Nicholls has rendered deep explanation and analysis on the philosophy of the art many questions raised by the participants to the seminar were fully answered with best explanations made by master Nicholls.

Saturday July 12/2014

Participants, filled with charm ,stamina and a surprising readiness to perform of the Saturday seminar await masters coming and it was a great astonishment for master Nicholls te see such practitioners filled with vigor and full of enthusiasm master Nicholls had seen improvements on techniques and spread of genuine spirit of Taekwon-do among the participants. Master Nicholls has also expressed his appreciation to all instructors and ETA president, Master Kiros G/meskel.

Master Nicholls continues to give his explanation on the kick and sparring all participantís were highly satisfied by the  masters practical explanation. Following master Nicholls master kiros took over the chance to give practical self defiance accordingly master Kiros has given practical, charming, complex but subtle and reality based self defiance technique lessons All participants have found the lesson to be exciting.

On the afternoon seminar master kiros continues to give lessons on sparring  technique as well as foot technique kicks performance. At this stage all participants attend the lesson with great power and zeal. as  the participants spirit life high up, master Nicholls takes over the seminar and continues to give course focus on sparring counter attack with deeper explanation and different technique. At laste master Nicholls corrected patterns from Ge-baek To Choi-Yong. and then teaching on free sparring umpire.

And finally, the master Nicholls seminar was assisted by Master Kiros. The course is the first and unique both in its type and content in Ethiopia even in Africa also in the world in terms of number of participants and level. Master Nicholls states that he had never seen in a single seminar 540  participants with fully of vigor and high spirit of performance and he Appreciated master Kiros G/meskel for he made invaluable contribution for the creation of such a lively spirit in Ethiopian Taekwon-do. master Nicholls added that master kiros is trusted senior expert of Taekwon-do and he is rendering seminars in international level, for instance Canada and India are worth mentioning.  Master Nicholls states that he is always the side of master kiros and Ethiopia Taekwon-do.

at last he closed the seminar by given certificate for the participates and the taking pitchersí in this Saturday night had  a wonderful night in traditional music clubs. And also master Nicholls had many interview with national Tv ETV and other medias.


July 16/2014

Written by: UK ITF Admin - 17th July 2014

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