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Congratulations & Good Luck to Team UK members that have been selected to compete at ITF World Championships in Rome.

Leah Powell U14''s Female Hyperweight Sparring & 1st Degree Patterns
Jason Morrison U14''s Microweight Sparring
Alexander Burton U14''s Male Lightweight Sparring
Isabelle Baker U16''s Female Middleweight Sparring & Special Technique
Yanni Barnett U16''s Female Middleweight Sparring & 2nd Degree Patterns
Elliot Callahan U16''s Male 2nd Degree Patterns
Tate Budge U16''s Male 2nd Degree Patterns
Harry Evans U16''s Male Lightweight Sparring
Kieran McDermott U16''s Male Microweight Sparring & 1st Degree Patterns
Sasha Mikhniak U16''s Female Hyperweight Sparring
Emily Oakes U16''s Female Lightweight Sparring & 1st Degree Patterns
Kerry Ann Watkins U16''s Female Lightweight Sparring
Brandon Wilson U16''s Male Hyperweight Sparring & Special Technique
Jade Wren U16''s Female Welterweight Sparring & 1st Degree Patterns
Adam Everett U18''s Male Heavyweight Sparring & 3rd Degree Patterns
Jamie Martin U18''s Male Lightweight Sparring & 3rd Degree Patterns
Aaron Mather U18''s Male Lightweight Sparring & 2nd Degree Patterns
Jordan Rowland U18''s Female Welterweight Sparring & 1st Degree Patterns

Laurie Cornwell Adult Female Middleweight Sparring & 5th Degree Patterns
Patrick Dion-Fehily Adult Male Welterweight Sparring & 2nd Degree Patterns
Matthew Brunger Adult Male Middleweight Sparring & 5th Degree Patterns
Jay Gilbert Adult Female Welterweight Sparring
Phoebe Grandfield Adult Female Power
Lee Hollingsworth Adult Male Lightweight Sparring
Umbreen Khan Adult Female Microweight Sparring & 1st Degree Patterns
Beth Martin Adult Female Heavyweight Sparring & 3rd Degree Patterns
Jamie McAvoy Adult Male Microweight Sparring & 3rd Degree Patterns
Kevin McCabe Adult Male 6th Degree Patterns
Reece Nicholls Adult Male Welterweight Sparring & 4th Degree Patterns
Gemma O''Connor Adult Female Heavyweight Sparring & 3rd Degree Patterns
Scott Owen Adult Male Hyperweight Sparring
Brad Robertson Adult Male Heavyweight Sparring
Gavin Robertson Adult Male Middleweight Sparring
Kelly Rose Adult Female Welterweight Sparring
Gurlaine Sidhu Adult Female Lightweight Sparring
Prit Sidhu Adult Female 4th Degree Patterns
Leanne Vaton Adult Female Hyperweight Sparring

Kerry Burridge Senior Female 6th Degree Patterns
Andrew Lawrence Senior Male 3rd Degree Patterns
Julia Mikhniak Senior Female 1st Degree Patterns
Hayley Smyth Senior Female Hyperweight Sparring
Reuben Sokhi Senior Male Middleweight Sparring & 1st Degree Patterns
William Southern Senior Male Welterweight Sparring
Kerry Wilson Senior Male 5th Degree Patterns

Written by: Coaching Committee - 10th July 2014

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