Trenic Competitors bring home the Gold
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Trenic Competitors bring home the Gold

Following your success at the UKITF Finals night we would like to congratulate the following competitors for making the Elite Squad for the World Championships;

*Mr Lee Hollingsworth*

*Miss Laurie Cornwell*

*Miss Prit Sidhu*

*Mr Reece Nicholls*

*Mr Jamie McAvoy*


We would also like to congratulate fellow competitors for securing 1st/2nd seed in the UK Team.

Mr Matthew Brunger

Miss Gurlaine Sidhu

Miss Jay Gilbert

Miss Gemma O''''Connor

Mr Aaron Mather

Mr Jason Morrison


Wow…. What an event to remember. With the best of the best battling it out to earn a place in the UK Team and entrance music and light shows creating an electric atmosphere, this event will definitely be one for the history books!!!

Once all the prelim bouts had reached their conclusion, it was down to business and up first representing Trenic TKD was Katie Hetherington. Stepping in to help support the event, this was a great opportunity to gain competition experience and stamp her authority on a division she will be looking to dominate in the near future. Taking the fight to a draw, Katie had to knuckle down and dig deep and as the final bell called Katie was crowned UKITF Champion 2014.

Looking to follow in Katie’s footsteps was junior competitor and newly promoted black belt Dolci Grove. Again steeping in as a replacement fighter, Dolci stood before the current European champ Emily Oakes confident and composed. Against this talented opposition it was important for Dolci to stand her ground and stick to her game plan. At only 11yrs old Dolci secured a unanimous decision win, setting her in good stead for the world Kup and a promising competitive career.

It was then time for our boys to enter the ring and continue the winning streak. Looking to compete in his first international event, Jason Morrison was our first junior male to be called onto the ring. With fast well-timed kicks and superior ring craft, Jason was able to see off his opponent’s advances and win top spot on the podium.

The last junior representative from Trenic TKD was Aaron Mather. Called up for patterns first Aaron was looking to start the event of on a positive note and did so in spectacular fashion. With a strong win this will only improve the young competitor’s confidence and we look forward to seeing him compete soon on the world stage. Aaron was also fighting on the finals night to secure himself a place in the team. Winning the European championships last year Aaron has been eager to bite at the heels of the current world champ and take the title. However standing in his way was a strong Jamie Martin who fought the perfect fight, leaving Aaron to take the silver medal. Aaron certainly has something to prove at the world championships!!

Onto our Adults and up first were the pattern divisions. Competing in the ladies 3rd Degree Tul were Jay Gilbert, Gemma O’Connor and Beth Martin. This very competitive division saw Gemma secure the top spot with Jay falling just behind to take 3rd position. This was the perfect confidence booster for Gemma and a much need wake up call for jay as they both prepared for their sparring divisions to be called.

Up next in patterns were the fourth and fifth degree tul. Already seeded, this was an opportunity for Matt Brunger, Laurie Cornwell, Reece Nicholls and Prit Sidhu to relax and put on a crowd pleasing display of tul work at its finest.

Back to business and the last competitors to perform patterns was Jamie McAvoy in the 3rd degree division. Jamie confidently secured first place, and going into the World Championships already the current UKITF and European champ Jamie will definitely be one to watch in Rome.

As the last of the patterns were called the competitors soon began padding up and preparing for sparring. 

Up first were our ladies that looked the set the sparring of with a bang. Unfortunately with Prit Sidhu narrowly missing out on the finals it was down to jay Gilbert to carry the flag for the Ladies welter weight division. Looking to set the pace Jay came out confident working strong hands. Unfortunately Jay had to settle for second place leaving her even more determined for the worlds!!!

Up next was Gurlaine Sidhu. Being the only competitor in this weight class, T.A.G.B fighters were asked if they could help accommodate the event. Known for their flexibly and fast paced kicks we all knew this would be no easy challenge. From the bell Gurlaine looked to close the distance and fire fast straight hands. In a close contested match Gurlaine took the decision and secured her ticket to Rome.

Our last ladies to step into the ring were Gemma O’Connor and Laurie Cornwell. Winning her individual sparring division with a crowd pleasing performance, Gemma was asked to step down and fight fellow club member Laurie Cornwell. Although the two competitors showed much respect for each other, it was Laurie’s fierce hand and foot combinations which won her the match.

Up next to represent Trenic were our adult men….

4 Competitors, 4 Division, 4 New UKITF Champions for Trenic TKD. After weeks of hard preparation is was exciting and humbling to watch all our adult males fighting at the top of the game. In the Micro Weight category was Jamie McAvoy who wowed the crowd with lighting quick kicks and powerful hand combinations. Against a very experienced T.A.G.B Fighter this was a very good win for Jamie as he now sets his sights for the world stage.

Up next was Lee Hollingsworth who again was matched against a fighter from the T.A.G.B. As usual Lee’s leg speed was evident and after two electric rounds Lee was able to work out his opponent and comfortably take the win.

The next competitor from the Trenic squad was Reece Nicholls. After positive wins at both the English and British Championships Reece was looking to continue his winning streak and claim his place as an elite member of Team UK. As usual Reece’s relentless work rate and fast hands dazzled his opponent and with that taking another win for this talented fighter.

The last fighter from Trenic TKD was Matt Brunger in the Middle weight division. Against rival and current European title holder Gavin Robinson, Matthew looked to prove a point leading up to the world championships……and did so in spectacular fashion. Half way into the first round, a well-timed and executed side kick left Gavin unfit to continue. A great start to Matthew Rome 2014 campaign.

With all division finished and closing speeches made the team was able to retire home and mentally prepare themselves for the mammoth task ahead of them. As usual we would like to share our appreciation to both the organising/umpire committees for running such a professional event and of course to our Taekwon-do friends from T.A.G.B for their help and support in this event. Lastly we would like to thank Master Nicholls and squad coach Master Rauli for their teaching and support prior to the event.

Written by: Trenic TKD - 2nd June 2014

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